Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nikon D90- my new Main body

My new D90..ok ok so this one I got 2 months ago..but I didnt feel it was fair that I introduced my D40 while not doing the same for my as good (same CMOS sensor) as a D300 with better features also for much less.It has far better image quality than the older proffesional D2x camera which cost many thousands more in the years before.. It is far far better than the Gen 1 D200..It has Nikons Adaptive Dynamic Range technology which renders most scenes closer to the way our eyes preceive them. As a Gen 2 camera it also auto corrects for colour fringes. Its also lighter which is great if u travel alot..
Yep, love the movie option too..can grab short movie clips..hehe..but as with everything the lens is the one that makes the yeah I'm buying lenses that cost as much or more than the D90 body..koff2 pokai..but considering these lenses can last(with proper care probably 10-20 years) they make a pretty good investment..

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