Friday, August 28, 2009

Having fun at Eclipse- Liverpool fan club gathering.

Yep photos of that great time at Eclipse ..

This are some of my photos from the official Sabah Liverpool football club fan club gathering..
yep we had great time that night even if it was storm and the rain poured buckets outside, out came a bottle ..or three.. hehe..

We cracked open a bottle of Jacks, Chivas and a Tequila and special guest stars present include up and coming local KDM singer Connie Micheal Jangki..
Other highlights include some cool coyote ugly routines by the band girls on the bar counter.

Yep the place was rocking.. as they say with this group that night 'you'll never dance alone'..Ting!..TM!! Lol


d1n0za said...

Can't believe I missed this! Bro, call me for next gathering! :-D YNWA!

Dwenchan said...

No Prablem bro