Sunday, August 16, 2009

JCI Sabah Area Convention 09-Palace Hotel Karamunsing

Just some of my pictures from the JCI Area Sabah Convention 2009 hosted by JCI Tg Aru at Palace Hotel Karamunsing ..err I think was on 19-21 June IIRC..put up here for my JCI friends benefit. Lets see whose the Penampang JCs who went.. Pan(& Clare), Me,Eli,Tiko,Bridget,Father,Emma,Martin,Winnie..err did i miss anybody


Zyee said...

FINALLY.... !!! Photos are out! :) Thank you v much Neil aka Mr. JCI Penampang Photographer. I especially loved the effect you gave on those glasses lit up with fire.... it's lovely...!!! :)

Dwenchan said...

ur welcome Ms. Zyee