Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kursus Kontraktor Jalan Raya KPSKTM 10-14/08

Last week I was busy attending the KPSKTM road works contractor course at Wisma Bandaraya lasting for 5 days from 10-14 August. I booked my place more than 3 months earlier..

Althought I was told the maximum targeted no. was 40 people, in then end such was the demand to join the course, that up to 60+ people were registered for the course..Encik AhMing one of the KPSKTM managers explained that they pitied some of these people who came from outstation to attend the course, so they try to stuff as many as they can...

Initially one the first day there was a sort of H1N1 scare with some people coughing (flu? Haze?) our lecturer En. Norazman of Iman Consultants explained that it be wiser for us to mask up for everybody's sake(but as usual many didnt really took it seriously)..anyway with 60+ people, I guess u can say it was a pretty high risk i took upon myself to mask up..but after the 1st day seeing as ther was nobody around my immediate seating area who was actually coughing their lungs out, by the 3rd day I kinda relaxed my bio-hazard safeguard standards and generally didnt mask up unless i went to the know enclosed moist area...just in

Anyway I found it an interesting and err..stimulating course with most of participants being generally mostly women..hmm ..and the participants of varying ages -even from the looks of it some retired people..and there were of course some fair amount of calculations involved and practical class and group excercises as well.
I of course took the event as an good oppourtunity to snap away and polish my events photography skills especially candid and the official group sessions.
In the end I'm pretty sure now given the knowledge I have now and if provided the right equipment and materials, I could probably construct/lay my own highway now to Malaysian Public Works Dept (PWD)
Now for building construction and bridges..woo woo

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