Friday, August 28, 2009

Having fun at Eclipse- Liverpool fan club gathering.

Yep photos of that great time at Eclipse ..

This are some of my photos from the official Sabah Liverpool football club fan club gathering..
yep we had great time that night even if it was storm and the rain poured buckets outside, out came a bottle ..or three.. hehe..

We cracked open a bottle of Jacks, Chivas and a Tequila and special guest stars present include up and coming local KDM singer Connie Micheal Jangki..
Other highlights include some cool coyote ugly routines by the band girls on the bar counter.

Yep the place was rocking.. as they say with this group that night 'you'll never dance alone'..Ting!..TM!! Lol

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Fun Island shoot with local KDM singer Connie Michael Jangki

Here are some pictures of my Pulau 3-Island "holiday" off Kuala Penyu (KP) with local artist Connie and her crew shooting her latest upcoming music video album..I became de documentary camera man lar.. :)

On da 1st day morning we drove all the way to KP, took us about 2 1/2 hrs..then arrive in KP sampat lagi go shopping at the market n shops for supplies while the speedboats got ready to ferry us over.. on arrival at the island after about a 15min? trip, we unpacked our gear had lunch and after dat then zzzzz like phytons in the rooms, while I went to meet up with my old island resort colleagues...then towards 3-ish the weather started to become quite windy already when we wanted to start shooting..

So anyway to cut it short on the 1st day we managed to shoot the video at the parks jetty and later on during dinner time we shot at the clubhouse, obviously delighting the tourists there-they even took pictures with our group, then one err dutch tourist guy even did his own dance routine ikut2 (facepalm)...then off we went to the beach for the night campfire shot with a roaring bonfire after dinner..

Out came the syrup,the bottle of rum, limes/lemons and Coke and it was a surreal but memorable experience having rum-cokes and daiquries by the beach with a roaring fire, gale strong winds and eating bbq'ed chicken wings and shooting pics .. while trying to prevent the plastic cups from flying off the table thanks to the strong winds lashing the island..didnt dare do much shooting with my camera ,scared just in case got nasty flying sand..errgh.

I even brought my fishing gear hoping to fish for squid off the docks but waves and wind was too strong..drat..wasted oppourtunity.. Never mind I still have me rum..arr me mateys..yohoho and me bottle of rum :P

Anyway next day it was calm day and we shot some scenes on the seaside with hammocks not far from our rooms under the coconut trees..then the rest went off to the mud volcano for a mud bath like while I squared off with my old nemesis the todaks (long toms) at the jetty with my rod and trusty sabiki set for bait gathering..sadly they were crafty as always or maybe I got my gear setup wrong..grr I'll get u next time with least i got loads of baitfish for my notty puddy tats at

Then after a late check out, had lunch for those not fasting and back on the boat to KP..then after lining up for the ferry, we had a lil miscommunication on the next shoot location and ended up doing a crazy high speedrun (the Stig and Mike Schumacher would have been proud) all the way to Beaufort before it became dark where we shot a bit more of Connie singing and leading the gang wandering around in the Beaufort's vege n fruits market to the amusement of the market vendors..
and after dat since it was close to breaking of the fast time, we joined those of our crew of the moslemic faith who fasted at the local pasar makan (food bazaar) for 'sungkai'-time (breakin of the fast)...then our tummies filled with fewd, we again turbo drove all the back to KK phew..tiring but so much Fun!