Saturday, May 16, 2009

My new budget DSLR Kit- Nikon D40

I recently got myself an entry model DSLR-A Nikon D40 kit comprising a D40 bundled with a 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G EDII lens for RM1500 in K.K. Sabah after checking out the recommendations on Ken Rockwell's site. I know-some people feel he's a Nikon biased either love him or hate him. But I find his advice is good even if his views doesn't suit everyone.

After fiddling around with it,I do agree with his contention that the kit lens is a great starter lens -being able to take sharp photos in good light during the day or well lit indoor settings. Its a good general purpose budget lens that does what its suppose to do-take sharp pictures on a budget. It can focus pretty close too and can do double duty as a sort of macro lens for taking close high detail pictures of objects.

The high plastic construction content may leave some people fretting but for the weight (its light), price and picture quality I love it.

However low light evening snaps tended to be another different story i.e. the kit 18-55mm may end up not being not fast enough to after more research..I ended up buying the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 prime lens which was at Rm39o I consider a bang for ur buck lens.

Although it couldnt autofocus(AF) on the Nikkon D40 til D60 range of cameras (manual focus only) due to lack of a built in lens motor, The 50mm f/1.8 was great little 'budget' priced lens that was fast enough for me to take pretty impressive indoor and low light pics without a flash. Its a great lens for taking portraits as well giving you a reasonably nice bluring (Bokeh) effect in the background.
However once I get my D90 body, it should be happily AF-ing along in the low light sans flash.
Now all I need is a speedflash (Nissin?),and a few telephoto zoom lens.
My chapter is also using one.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog from the past-Dwenchan's Modern Life

Yep just as the title says peeps.

This blog actually existed since 2005 (it was named 'Dwenchan's Modern Life' then for lack of a better name idea-Rocko just happened to be on TV then) when I first tried to set one up for fun made one comment, saved it and totally forgot all about it.

In all honesty I didnt really have much to say at the time..this blogging thingy was all new to me then.

So anyway, last night when I sat down to really set up a blog-by coincidence my brother suggested this site and I found I couldn't register using my email..the system didnt allow me to use my Gmail Dwenchan account cos someone seemed to have registered already a similar email under thats f@rkin the title "Dwenchans Modern Life" seemed strangely I was thinking who is this other guy named Dwenchan using my to cut a long story short after mucking about with passwords and stuff..

It was me after all..Damnnn..and presto..Its alive again..after umm more or less 4 years in limbo.