Saturday, September 19, 2009

My very own little vine yard..Growing grapes in Borneo

I always wondered last time wheter you can grow grapes in Sabah and how nice it would be to have your very own grape yes you can..

Grapes vines easily thrive in our Malaysian climate..and they're also being grown in West Malaysia on a large scale.

So my mom planted a few vines cuttings we rescued from an aunts townhouse in town being cleared up and in a few months they started to grow into this wonderful shady leafy roof in one corner of our garden next to the car porch..soon they started bearing small white flowers on stems which developed into grapes as u can see in picture.

Each of these grapes are bundled in a net stocking to prevent bird attacks on them as when they mature and turn ruby red, the pesky birds will try to feast on them.

They can taste sourish if you eat them before they fully ripen but if you let them mature until they are dark red..they taste can as sweet as the store bought ones.

In the end, I guess the novelty of the idea of just being able to wander under the leafy shade in your garden and just pluck your own grown grapes hanging straight down from the vine is fun and a pretty satisfying

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