Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog from the past-Dwenchan's Modern Life

Yep just as the title says peeps.

This blog actually existed since 2005 (it was named 'Dwenchan's Modern Life' then for lack of a better name idea-Rocko just happened to be on TV then) when I first tried to set one up for fun made one comment, saved it and totally forgot all about it.

In all honesty I didnt really have much to say at the time..this blogging thingy was all new to me then.

So anyway, last night when I sat down to really set up a blog-by coincidence my brother suggested this site and I found I couldn't register using my email..the system didnt allow me to use my Gmail Dwenchan account cos someone seemed to have registered already a similar email under thats f@rkin the title "Dwenchans Modern Life" seemed strangely I was thinking who is this other guy named Dwenchan using my to cut a long story short after mucking about with passwords and stuff..

It was me after all..Damnnn..and presto..Its alive again..after umm more or less 4 years in limbo.

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